Tauranga House Inspections

House Inspections in Tauranga    

Who we are

Steve Willoughby - Builder

Steve has 35 years experience in building both in New Zealand and in Australia. Steve is a licenced builder in New Zealand and was also licenced in Australia. His building experience ranges from high rise to architecturally designed homes and alterations on old and new homes. He has seen many changes in design and construction methods and has kept up to date with changes to the building codes over the years.

Steve has always focused on providing an honest approach to building and brings this experience and integrity to the inspection process.

Why us

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    Inspection Standards

    Inspections are carried out to the New Zealand Building Standard 4306, 2005.

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    Comprehensive Reports

    The report is designed to be easy to read for the client yet full of information. Reports available within 48 hours of the inspection taking place.

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    Broad Area Covered

    House Fit is based in Omokoroa and covers areas from Waihi Beach to Te Puke. Other areas will be considered.

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    Other Services

    Project Management for new homes and renovations. Fee being an agreeed percentage of the total cost of the build.

    Concept planning for alterations and additions prior to engaging an architect or draughtsperson. Steve is able to give advice on practical and economical solutions to your project.


Inspection services

Meth Testing

Your health is not for sale. Meth Testing is the only way to ensure your property has not been involved with production of meth. The cost of a Meth test is minor when considering the cost of refurbishing a whole house because of the harmful and toxic residue left behind after a meth lab has been 'cooking'.

Once contaminated there is no cleaning product that can clean away Meth residue, only a full reline of all jib-board will solve the issue. You cannot see meth residue, only a Meth test will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Know what you are in for before you get in too deep. Don't leave things to chance, meth test and be sure you and your family are safe.
A small investment to protect your large investment, Meth test - simple!
For all your Meth Testing needs, Housefit is your one stop shop. We are a Meth Solutions certified sampler.
Do not gamble on your health, test for Meth and know you are safe.
A standard Meth test involves the gathering of samples and sending to the lab for the most accurate results available. Pricing from $150.00 - $450.00 depending on size of house and the turnaround time required.

Our Pricing Levels


Basic House

Basic single storey house can include up to three bedrooms, one bathroom, ensuite, hall, kitchen, dining, lounge, second lounge or rumpus room, garaging attached to house.


Two Storey

Two storey house can include up to four bedrooms, one bathroom, ensuite, hall, kitchen, dining, lounge, second lounge or rumpus room, garaging attached to house.


Large House

Large house over 300sqm can include up to six bedrooms, two bathrooms, ensuite, hall, kitchen, dining, lounge, second lounge, rumpus room, garaging attached to house.