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Sample of a Building Inspection Report

Our comprehensive building inspection report covers all aspects of your home. Examples of what we include is:

  • House Interior - Doors, Walls, Ceilings, Floor Coverings, Windows, Cupboards, Vanity, Shower, Bath, Toilet, Cabinets, Bench tops, Oven, Hob, Waste Disposal, Rangehood, Stairs, Garage Door Opener, Wiring, Fittings, Switchboard, Pipes, Taps, Waste Pipes, Hot Water Cylinder
  • House Exterior - Cladding, Joinery, Base Cladding, Decking, Steps, Joists, Soffit, Facia, Gutters, Downpipes, Gully Traps
  • Sub Floor - Ground Condition, Ventilation, Piles, Joists, Foundation Walls, Insulation
  • Ceiling Cavities & Roof - Material, Slope, Flashings, Fixings, Penetration, Construction, Dampness, Insulation, Insects/Pests, Rot
  • Driveway and Section - Slope, Fencing, Retaining Walls, Paths, Driveway, Drainage,
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